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Heart of the Musical Matter...

Comrades of song & spirit, greetings! I’m thrilled to finally express my thanks for what was a magical closing concert of the year this past Sunday at Caffe Vivaldi. It’s funny, I've only two souvenir pics to share in cyber-celebration of the night. Neither are of the performance or A-number-one crowd, but...the truth is both shots offer a vital nod to where the greatest value lies in staying this uncharted artist’s course—the chance to unite with a room full of diverse hearts & minds and venture off to that uplifting, soul-stirring place only music has the map to.

Deepest of thanks to the supreme friends & fans who came from near & far on Sunday eve, and to any & all of you who continue to show up and get down in musictown with my pipes, paws & poetries. Whether offered in real or digitized life, your presence and support mean everything.

(Special thanks to super-fans Alexandra Vidal & Greg Joye, and Tom Hicoselman & his comrade-as-guest. ❤️)

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