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Play it Forward

Promoting your work as an indie artist can be overwhelming when you are under the influence of living a fiercely present, sensational life. (Which, funny enough, is the fundamental tenet of BEING an artist... Ugh. Paradox 4 evez yo!) Still, Danton Boller and I co-produced & released a sweet track of a kickass political powerjam we wrote & it needs more exposure as we believe it might do the species some good if heard by enough people. Or at least, it might do those people who hear it some good. Or...HI MOM!!

Look, all I’m really saying is shit is grooving & smooth AF and I’m deeply proud of the lyrics and the whole thing wants to greet your heart & mind’s eye & shakeable groove thing, so...please take a sonic gander and consider purchasing it as a gift for yourself or another and THANK YOU, fellow loveparty peoples!

Click HERE to access the track on iTunes! ❤️

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