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Path of Track-Mixing Totality

Blazing third-planeteers, greetings! It is with deep pride and superfresh, piping hot, Brooklyn-brewed joy that my dear friend and musical collaborator Danton Boller and I wish to announce on this day of cosmic harmony that production is now complete on our subterranean homespun jam for humanity--"Chime (Be the Song)."

The track will be available in all the fine digital jukeboxes on FRI, SEPT 22nd. AKA...the autumn equinox. AKA...when once again the sun and moon will unite to demonstrate that it IS possible to share the borderless sky with equality and peace.

Lots more news to come, including sonic and video teasers that aim to get you as excited about blasting this labor of musical love out into the world as we are. Please do stay tuned--no pesky special glasses required!

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