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Just Singing...and Wingin' the Rain

Wow. This moment from last Tuesday's residency show at Caffe Vivaldi is certainly sweet on the ears without any inside scoop, but I'd like to help deepen its reach by sharing that Anastasia—musician, bartender & server supreme who's last name I must learn—just "happened" to bring her cello to work at Vivaldi on the night of a heavy rain, and so...given the lighter crowd, she could, and DID, bravely & beautifully slip inside a few tunes w/me and my luminous guest, trumpet player John Sneider. Most touching of all is that neither of these fine artists had ever played this ditty before its downbeat.

Posting this with a huge bouquet of thanks to John & Anastasia, and to all who took the rain in day-seizing stride and turned up to turn all our claims of heaviness into the truth of musical light & love.

"Birdsong" performed live at Caffe Vivaldi 4.25.17

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