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NYC Residency Blazing On

Greetings, dreamers! I'm psyched to finally share that this past Tuesday eve was another vivid musical affair at Caffe Vivaldi, and a remarkable second concert of my weekly spring residency in NYC. In addition to the ace, open-hearted crowd of peeps who turned up to tune so deeply in, I have these two fine conversationalists of song—trumpeter Kai Sandoval and acoustic bassist Aidan O'Connell—to thank for what was a hugely inspiring performance in the best little listening room that could. AKA…

These gents may indeed be young players new to the NYC scene, but they are also true artists with deep souls, caring ears, and daring spirits who are fiercely adept at merging craft, taste, & imagination into not just the making of music, but the collaborative *offering* of it. I was frankly touched--troubled?…tickled! to find myself the bandleading “elder,” and happy to be at once guiding the excursion of song and discovering new ideas to explore by way of Kai & Aidan’s—in a (totes mature) word—badass-artlights.

Looking forward to having these two ace guests of honor crash what *was* to be my other solo-show party on MAY 16th, and I hope to see, sing, & play for more and more of you who live in or near the city that never lets you put your passionate-musican arse to sleep, yo!

hashtag Tuesday crooning 4 U 32 Jones St. twilight to feelin' all right

Here are a few more sweet shots from the night...

Posting this first shot with gratitude for the faithful support of all my first-rate fans, with honorable mention here going to two new ones, Vittoria & Angela. Both native Italians and visiting the city for the week, they came to Caffe Vivaldi on the ace rec of someone in Little Italy who made them a great coffee and then mentioned it in general as an ace place to get Old New York cozy during their stay. I was moved to note that they in turn went to Vivaldi's website and picked Tuesday night specifically, to come hear me. Salute e grazie, miei amici gentili e vibranti!

These last few are meant to entice those of you who live in or near Skyscraper National Park to come fly with me for any number of these Tuesday musical spells! As evidenced below, I'm ever poised and overjoyed to be your tour guide, and Caffe Vivaldi is such a sweet place to linger with kindred spirits and slip inside the later set of song. This trio was fantastic, and it's often the case that you'll discover some great acoustic jazz. As it NYC weeknight should be...

Visit the Caffe Vivaldi website to explore their full calendar and make some fabulous plans..


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