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Spring Residency in Sweet Musical Bloom

Last night at Caffe Vivaldi was such a beautiful elixir of music, meaning, and connective good fun, and an outstanding way to launch into my NYC spring residency. I'm grateful beyond words to the venue for being such a stellar, generous host, and to what was a moving, a-number one debut audience of curious, caring listeners.

Most central to my gratitude is of course the tremendous musical voice, vitality, and vision that my first guest for the series, bassist Danton Boller, poured into every song we performed. And so, in turn...every soul we aimed to reach. It's a true honor to play and sing with Danton, and I'm excited to note that we'll be uniting again to turn all the notions & notations into real live musical-fun-for-you on MAY 9th, in sweet trio-cahoots with guitarist Al Street.

Friends, thanks for keeping these weekly sojourns of song and spirit in mind this spring! I'm eager to present and share in the eight remaining evenings, so please stay Tuesday tuned in and if you can, come join me and my brilliant guests for any number of musical spells!

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