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Sweet Musical Reunions

Heavens to Murgatroyd to St. Mark's Place! What. A. THRILL. It is to be back settled in NYC, reuniting & frolicking with dear, longtime musical chums. Even more thrilling? They just so happen to be among the best freaking players this side of the sun. Mighty thanks to Chris Bergson and his blazing-burrrrrning trio for the invite to brush off a few jazzbird chirps last weekend and get down in funtown with the ever spirited Jules Bistro crowd.

Dreamers--->Let's get real. Life is short. Music is love. Love is a verb. If you enjoy this clip, please take a few mins to learn more about these incredible musicians & lend your ears/hearts/$upport to their distinct voices, and so, to our shared big-blue journey to the center of love/fun/probably some badass place called Murgatroyd. Chris Bergson - guitar

Brian Charette - keys Adrian Harpham - drums

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