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Old NYC Friends. New Musical Terrains...

We're in a New Tune state of mind... And guess what, kids? You're ALL invited. Or at least, you will be soon. [raises umpteenth cup of joe] !! Friends, posting this studio snap as a fun way to announce that I am overjoyed and honored to be writing, playing, and ardently producing subterranean homespun tracks with w/one of my dearest and most deep-rooted NYC comrades of heart & mind's eye, brilliant bassist/artist/love-is-realist, Danton Boller. Our collaboration is inspired so please, do stay tuned, music partypeoples. We aim to celebrate our first click of the "share that A-side shizzle, yo!" button very on Valentine's Day.

Of course...fear not, the dress will be whatEVER-everyday-is-love-like-a-mofo-day casual.

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