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Helluva Hometown Show!

New York! Whew. This post is a day delayed but I'm finally snapping out of my "Holy crap!" hangover from Wednesday night's show at The Bitter End to say... Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!! to all of you dazzling Top-of-the-Heapsters who came out and gave a *fierce* damn about filling the room with love and absorbing every last note, lyric, chord, groove, emotion, idea, and expletive I had the fortune of turning into art with my phenomenal co-pilot of song & spirit, drummer Adrian Harpham.

Seriously. What a thrill. The night really was all you wish for when presenting your music live, and the deep bond I felt with the many listeners who graced the club's ace space will echo gusto into all the vital new ventures that are taking flight as I re-settle my NYC nest. In short—I heart you, New York patron saints & angels and THANK YOU for electing to show up Wednesday eve to fuel the shite out of not just my little powercroons that could, but the all-important, never-ending, ever unifying nonpartisan crusade to put the "WE" in "We're with art!" Exciting invites & new-music debuts are just around the springtide bend...((xoYO))

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