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NYC Dec Residency - Closing Night Reverie

One week ago tonight, it was with fierce gladness & gratitude that I performed the closing concert of my December artist residency at Caffè Vivaldi in NYC, a venture that was as deeply enriched by the stunning vocal talents of my special guest—Boston based singer-songwriter Laura Vecchione—as it was the silent tidings of a beautifully packed house of human beings who kindly elected to turn up and for well over an hour transmit the nonpartisan newsflash for the advancement of love, liberty, truth, and fellowship: "We're with art." It's taken me a week to post these celebratory pics as that's how freaking long it's taken me to shake the "holy-crap!" hangover I've had since settling into the mic and keys and closing out the residency with an affair that was as intoxicating as it was affirming.

Expansive thanks to all who attended the concerts and made what was one very risky Tuesdays-in-December move one bona fide inspired-&-meaningful series success. Above all, I extend my most fervent gratitude to each of my remarkable guest collaborators for the series—drummer Adrian Harpham, pianist John Deley, guitarist Al Street, bassist Danton Boller, and vocalist Laura Vecchione—for lending their time, hearts, and daring artistic minds to the music, and in turn blazing their luminous truths & beauty into the souls of all who were fortunate enough to tune into their channels for a whimsical while. Including me.

Looking forward to sharing some exciting music news in the upcoming days & months and inviting you to be a part of my pathway back to performing and recording with an extraordinary new band in 2017.

Happy Right Freaking Now Year, love-seekers & believers!

Honorable-mention of thanks to the Kosher salt container Laura ROCKED so that we wouldn't have to rush around trying to hunt down an actual egg shaker at the last minute in an effort to season up the "Careless Whisper" tribute jam which yes turned out to be the runaway hit of the night. hashtag deep respect to George Michael flavor first whatever it takes, yo