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Connections, Croons, & Cream Puffs, Capisce?

Eeeeeyyyy...let me 'splain something over here right loud and clear, real human people who catch this and maybe give a couple two-tree hoots about my little hill of musical beans... Save for a boundless sky filled with gratitude for the music I had the fortune of making Tuesday night with my phenomenally talented guest collaborators—guitarist Al Street & bassist Danton Boller—and the heart-seizing attention that a room full of caring, curious listeners gave to said music...on the wings of another deeply meaningful and spirited residency concert at Caffe Vivaldi, the fact of the nonpartisan love-crusade matter is...I got *nothing.* NOTHING, I tell you. Capisce? So, since that's the case, and since a picture paints a thousand words, here's a 13,000-word portrait that celebrates what was one of the most musically inspired and personally invigorating adventures in song I've been gifted with the chance to co-pilot thus far along my artistic journey. All that and mom's homemade cream puffs??! Aaaaaand you'd not come out next Tuesday and relax and make nice with the cozy sojourn of song because why?...

Beautiful dreamers---playful writing aside, I'm thankful for what's been an incredible year of artistic growth and human connection through the peace-portal of song, and that's only been possible through the grace of countless people who have elected to attend and host concerts as a means to help expand the reach of my musical voice & visions. The artist's way is uncharted and arduous, yet totally worth every personal detour and practical pang. Things are getting interesting & expansive to degrees that I could not be more excited to present to your ears, hearts, and minds, all with a new band taking fierce shape for 2017.

Hope to see/sense you this Tuesday for the final residency show** and HAPPY MERRY whatever keeps you guessing & loving & leaping & growing & giving & creating & everyday-raising a bigass snifter of kindness, YO!

** Caffè Vivaldi. 8:30pm Tues 12/27. 32 Jones St. NewFreakingYork. The password is: "Hi. I'm here for the music and fellowship."

Too much... What an honor and inspiration to make music with these brilliant, daring artists, let alone call them each a friend.

Never gets old...

Best. Pre-flight check. Ever.

Superfan superfun. How I superhate that these nights have to end!

My gracious mother-bird's delicious homemade cream puffs made a cameo this concert 'round and hit the nightcap spot. You know you've made it when...

Photo credit: William Mayr

Turns out the poetic power-rhumba was the runaway hit of the night. !! hashtag new year's musical resolution unveiled

Photo credit: William Mayr