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This Just In: You. Me. Tuesdays in NYC.

When staying in on a Saturday night in the big city isn't as good as it gets, but as great as you've taken eighteen years to cultivate as a humbled & grateful Irish-Italian-American-born human with a passion for loving, losing, leaping and then turning all the (OUCH!) shit you've observed, dealt with, & learned into (aaaah) song...


Look. Let's not kid ourselves. The only real news that's ever fit to print, consider, and spread is that the jig is up and the time is now. Sad as it may be, any way you slice the big-fake-pie in the sky, much of the world's officially losing its right mind so we've got to pull together and get the wise, humane shit done with our hearts at the helm. This TUES 12/13 @ 8:30pm, I'll once again aim to play my part through our vital change-agent of art during the second concert of my month-long residency at Caffè Vivaldi, and I'd love for you to be there to share in the music & moment. This week, pianist John Deley joins me on keyboards as my truly special guest/co-leader of the free show that you should come to because listen up, love-beings--the simple fact is this: John is a phenomenal talent, and you'll be swept away by the color and depth of life, liberty, and joy he'll breathe into my tunes. It's an honor to make music w/him plus also two keyboards whaaat?? yup gonna be sweet...

Kind ladies & gents. Let's recap: You. Me. Live music in NYC. 32 Jones St. Tuesday eve. Click the event link below... Or don't. Just... COME. I'll sing & play you true stories & ideas and John will shine his artlight into some of them and we'll all raise a cup of kindness for a couple two-tree hours then get back to the business of figuring out how to help the political kids play nice in the cosmic sandbox. Also let us not forget when the going gets tough BAM Vivaldi's totally real apple freaking walnut pie. See you there!

Please click the icon to visit, like and share the public Facebook event page. As sharing is caring, thank you for your support in spreading the word/music/love!


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