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Wow. Two days have passed and my autumn concert in NYC STILL has me under its breathtaking spell. Frankly, the whole affair was everything you hope for and work hard to manifest as an indie-artist whose ultimate desire is to uplift, unite, and be in some way of soul-service to your fellow stargazers while you've still got the precious freaking chance.

My only regret is that I don't have a candid snap I can share to celebrate what my actual eyes & my mind's eye took in from that beloved piano-perch, as a room full of tremendous humans paid wholehearted attention to my musical offerings from the first word and note to the closing toast. I'll say this... Should you have the chance to glance at tonight's supermoon, you'll get the humbling, stupefying, inspiriting gist. A harvest of thanks to my remarkable vocal dance-partner guest Cullen R. Titmas, & to ace bassist Calvin Crosby for lending their special powers to the music, and the night.

Seriously, I've not been this moved by a concert in some time. To gratefully quote & agree with a superfan who attended, it was "pure magic," and I'm feeling equal parts blown away and more deeply grounded in my evolving adventure with song.

Thank you, superhumans of New York!

hashtag two words: December. Do((clink!))StayTuned.

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