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Back to the Drawing Board

Hey kids. Wishing all of you the inspired best as I hop on the mothership for a few to report that this photo "happened" to fall out of a book this morning when I found it at the deep-down bottom of a big-ass box that I almost didn't bother to look in but followed my gut and looked in like nutso. I hadn't read the book in years, but was searching for it as its content pertains to work I'm doing on both a song AND an early bit of nonfiction that may or may not be part of a memoir-ish-musical-performance-art-piece-a-ma-jig someday, the subject of which relates to one of my---our?...OUR! great heroes of the painterly terrain, Vincent van Gogh. I've been decidedly flying under the cyber-radar in recent weeks, not only as doing so is most truly me, but as it seems more and more to be that thing most truly needed to get some honorable degree of imagined shit down on an actual page that I believe does not suck and may, in its final, artful form, be of some service to my fellow man in search of meaning. Which...if you're still with me here, to more accurately, and gratefully, say—almost forty years to the day since this photo was snapped—by way of his royal sun-worshipper's sageful words:

I'm drawing a great deal and think it's getting better. ~ Vincent van Gogh

Looking forward to sharing some news and links soon, and seeing if you agree. Live it up out there, swirlyskygazers!

hashtag I pledge allegiance to ideas my kingdom for those stylin' bibs!!!!!

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