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Reunited and it Feels So...Boom Boom Classic Dance

Last night's concert at Caffe Vivaldi will no doubt have a hold on my heart for quite some time, thanks to the radiant contributions of my special vocal-partner guest, Cullen R. Titmas, and the unified energy of a room full of magnificent souls who deemed my music worthy company on a Thursday eve in NYC. Streaming gratitude to all who came out to take it all in and lift it all up....

Honorable mention of thanks goes out to my new heroine, Marta, a stunning young Italian artista whose inspired graphic "translation" of my set is a thing of pure beauty & truth, and officially the new hallmark of my success as a writer and singer of songs. Check it out!

hashtag rock 'n roll meets classic dance meets heartache meets happy sunny haha boom boom THANK YOU and I heart you NY

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