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Summer Concert in NYC

Dearest hometown peoples and patrons,

After five remarkable months of touring throughout the Southeast, I've finally alighted back in my native terrain of New York, and as I begin this post, I'm realizing it's hard to express in words how thrilled I am to announce this very special summertide concert, coming up in but a few short weeks. So...instead, I'll just express it in song when I settle into the beautiful Caffe Vivaldi ivories, on the 25th!

If you live in or near Skyscraper National Park, please mark your calendar and join me for what I'm elated to be preparing as dynamic homecoming-show date. As noted on the eFlier below, joining me to present some inspired vocal-pairings during the concert will be my special guest and dear friend, veteran of the Broadway and nationally touring stage, Cullen R. Titmas. Cullen is a fierce and versatile vocal talent, and his powerful connection to jazz has been tugging at the lapels of my songstress heart for years, as if to say, ", with the introspective jazz-pop power croons....come fly with me let's fly let's fly away..." What a luminous musical dream it would be for you to tag along!

Click here or on the eFlier below to view and share the Facebook event page!

There's also a lovely event listing you can check out and share on the Caffe Vivaldi website.

You should also feel free to just rev up your blazing mind's eye and envision for your fabulous self what will be one warm and connective midsummer night's dreamy reunion in Ye Olde New York.

And then get your freakin' tush down to Vivaldi's on the 25th!

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