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Southern Sun Farewell (For Now!)

On the wings of ten sacred days spent tunesmithin' and rompin' around Nashville (and, like anyone guided by truth, privately grieving and loving and processing and feeling pissed&perplexed and grieving and loving and learning and listening and sharing and honoring and grieving and loving aaaaaand repeat...), I'm thrilled to be wrapping up my Southeastern tour leg in Charlotte, NC, where I've returned to house-concert croon once more. The fortune of a whole week in town had me deciding to pop up onstage last night at the ace open mic (which also boasts a short set by a guest performer) presented by Queen City's most royal music room, The Evening Muse. I even had some blazing heroine-supporters come out to clink awhile and cheer me on! While I frankly don't seek out open mics that much anymore, or...ever, suspected, this one was a well-run shebang. (Um, with theater seating and Ms. Smith's aura presiding, how could it not be?)

Anyhoo it was a blast, an inspiring time, really, and I'm thrilled to note that putting myself out there has me in touch with the club about a featured spot. Score one for never saying never... Posting these snaps with gratitude for a venue that gives a heartfelt hoot about the power of music as a unifying, healing force, for the support of my new friends and emerging audience in Charlotte, and for the chance to thrive amidst the madness wherever my chirps may roam as I crusade for our most central, and critical, cause of humanity.

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