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Life, Liberty & Happiness RIGHT NOW

Now THAT's how you done-do a house concert! Thrilled to finally post these fabu snaps from my debut performance in Charlotte, NC, last weekend. Doing so as a means to send a mighty well-wish to all of you, and a bounty of thanks to not only my luminous host, but to the house full of notably diverse, curious, vibrant, and gracious ladies & gents she invited—and who decided—to come get down in Musictown with me as their guide.

Look, dreamers...let's get real here. I can, and do, like countless natural-born poetsouls across our shared cosmic marble, write songs and sing them when no one's looking, or listening. But—whenever someone does listen, and in turn feels moved by my creative expression, it becomes art. And whenever a house full of ladies & gents do, and in turn feel more alive and connected to the truths of their own souls, and pour each other wine and laugh and talk and listen and mingle and share things with open minds and hearts deep into the starlit becomes love. It is the single greatest benchmark of my success as an artist/human to be a vital component to such an equation. With that, I'll be at the bar and thanks for reading and cheers to the privilege that is a lifetime laced by libertyNOTluxury and may we all hear and heed—NOW* more than ever—those truths within us that champion the nonpartisan musicalparty of human fellowship. ((clink))

*forever/all we're ever guaranteed

Left to right these blazing heroines are 83 and 87. Aaaaaand [...throws in towel, heads for bar...which THEY CLOSE]

The perks of house concert green rooms are unrivaled. Kiss it, Carnegie Hall. Follow your bliss, kids!