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If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words...

...then below is a 57,000 word photo essay that explains why I have regretfully—and yet, as I trust you’ll gather, joyously—been out of the digital-newsfeed loop for two months!

Posting this collection of pics with boundless gratitude to all the concert hosts and guests who are graciously taking the time and making the choice to open their hearts (and most often, homes!) in support of my effort to expand not merely the scope of my audience, but the reach of my art. I’ve always believed in the idea that a true vocation marries the notions of self and service, that a life calling is only fully heeded when your soul's great joy meets a great need of the world. Having shared that, I'll keep this brief and simply say: with every concert I perform, I'm finding myself more deeply humbled and grateful to sense that people are feeling nourished by the truths, ideas, and observations I turn into songs, and so...with this post, I thee wed myself to a life spent troubadour truckin' along.

Yours truly and tunefully,