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Modern-Day Minstrels 4-EVAH

Howdy out there, friends & neighbors and greetings from the troubadour trail! I'm wheeling off to NOLA in a few, and as I cue up my troubadour trail soundtrack I thought I'd take a moment to wish you all wellness and cheer and a soft, steady breeze at your back on this wildly beloved Irish holiday and time enough to blast "Let's Groove" by Earth, Wind and Fire now and then in the midst of all the political chaos that's rightly disturbing us all and which I won't comment on except to say...VOTE!*

*for the furthering of humanity as led by not-egomanics who represent and eloquently express ideas of substance

Aaaaanyhooo... Posting this vignette of pics as a hearty hello to all, and a blazing ray of thanks to the incredible house concert hosts and guests (and pups!) who are breathing good old-fashioned joy and meaning into my modern-day minstrels. It's been a taxing but touching first few months shifting back to life as an indie touring artist, and I'm thrilled to feel myself getting deeper inside the music and more expansive in my expression of it. More new songs are emerging, and I've been deeply moved and encouraged by the tremendous response I'm getting from audiences. While it seems odd that I've barely any pics to celebrate the great number of people who are showing up to elevate the music and fuel my journey, I believe that's because at house concerts, people are so notably swept up in the whimsy and warmth of the actual present moment that pausing to digitally freeze it is about as nutty a concept as me being good at posting things to the internet machine with any kind of hashtag haste. Which is to say, hashtag oh well... "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." [raising Guinness to Joseph Campbell] I doubt his royal sage meant "Except online and only if you can summarize who you want to come across as in 130 characters."

Alrighty. With that, let's recap: Hi hello howdy out there lovely humans who are still with me here happy St. Patrick's Day follow your bliss don't vote for Trump dogs rule everything always all the time love and truth for president thank you noble patrons of my song off to NEW ORLEANS I go with my croons and canteen of dreams may the road ever rise to meet you and yours! (((clink!)))

RE$EARCH! So inspiring...

Aaaaaaaah... The things we do for love. p.s. For the record one very gracious shutterbug DID offer to help and I asked for the posterity snap instead.

Too much... I've made it!

Soundchecking the introspective jazzpop power croons in a most wonderful home space turned concert venue turned super awesome place to hang out with fabulous interesting people who rock my world aaaaaaaand repeat.

Moscow Muling it after a fantastical concert, all thanks to one supremely noble hostess/human/cocktail mixologist.

Max for president!

It was so touching to find this flier on the counter after a concert, and overhear someone say they were taking it as a souvenir of a night they would never forget.

Just a sweet Southern Sunscape that caught my mind's eye. So grateful to so many hosts for providing tranquil spaces to rest my road warrior bones.