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"Ballad Blue" - River City Video Whimsy

Friends! Geez...I've STILL got a slew of pics to post from my magical NOLA concert, but as I pack up my car and head off to perform for the first time ever in Music City, TN (yeehaw!) I can't resist sharing this on-the-fly clip snapped yesterday in north Florida, where I spent the past week unplugging from the cyber-machine and recharging my musical visions, all thanks to the hosting graces of two beloved friends. One of whom is featured here on trumpet and is a total tune-winging badass, and so, ROCKED it across two improvised takes of a new song that even I still play with butterfingers. Hope you enjoy and mark my croons this song WILL be recorded and Marcus Parsley will produce the track and there WILL be strings. For now...[rolls down windows]...the Man in Black at full blast in 3.....2... Onward! Salute!

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