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"Thumbs Up for the Singer & Happy Sprangggg!"

Top of the (ouuuucch) N'awlins morning, musicparty people! bones may be in slow motion as I settle into some seriously dark roast on Magazine Street, but my soul is on love-jambalaya fire after an incredibly moving and in"spirited" house concert in NOLA's Irish Channel last night. So grateful to my truly remarkable concert hosts and all the attendees for their unparalleled united grace. And of course, words can't express how inspired and grateful I felt playing that outstanding real-deal first piano perch of my tour. ----->

I'm also deeply indebted to Ciera & Sheroy Roberts, my fabulous new NOLA besties, and the stars of the video shared here, for being key contributors to my happiness hangover. Honestly, what a send-off! Who knew... Load up your car, make two new pals, get the "review" of a lifetime, aaaaand (wait for it) improvise a song about spring that rivals the best of 'em. Okay...yeah yeah, fine, sure...blah blah... *autumn* is officially the season when leaves "get down and dance on the ground," but...let's be real, Ciera is clearly a songsmithing star in the making and there's no room for science when you're improvised lyrical jammin' in the Crescent City streets, yo!

Aright. Time for a refill. More pics and videos to come, kids. For now, thanks tuning in and Happy Big-Easy-breezy springtide debut!

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