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In a Sunshine State of Mind

Yowsa. Love was in the air and *then some* this past holiday weekend. That is to say...the air I used to sing my way through a Valentine's Eve house concert in Orlando, FL that STILL has my heart reeling with inspiration and gratitude. Check out some captioned pics below!

Honestly, friends, words are my thing and I've nary a one that can adequately express how special the night was, or how much I appreciate the grace and good cheer extended to me, my pipes, and my paws by the sensational concert hosts and guests.

I must close fast here as I'm heading off to the open road, and what I'm sure will be yet another hunka hunka burning sweet musical affair to remember, in south Florida. Cheers to all the mighty souls out here who are fueling my coast-to-coast adventure with lovingood mojo!

This photo represents what is so deeply precious and inspiring about this indie-minstrel path. I honestly can't put into words how grateful I am to these two extraordinary people who hosted my concert in Orlando, FL last weekend. The degree of thoughtfulness, generosity, and good old-fashioned gusto they put into creating an amazing space to both perform and commune in was, in a word, fuhreakingmindblowing. Thank you for your many, mighty graces, Shawn and Tom Jackson!

This concert 'round I had the rare chance to rehearse and settle into the space the night before. Such a thing to treasure musically, energetically, and personally after having played so many gigs over the years where you get a 45 minute slot sandwiched between two other artists.

Eat your heart out, Carnegie Hall.

Being thoughtfully introduced by a phenomenal host to a crowd of incredible, attentive listeners. And it gets better than this how?...

Reason #8,372 that house concerts rock.

[insert boundless gratitude to my hosts and all the concert guests here]

Super awesome funtastical house concert afterparypeoples..((clink))!... I heart you.

With my beautiful and dearest childhood friend, supreme poetess Didi Jackson and her hubby, the tremendous poet Major Jackson. Pret-ty nifty stuff of the stars to scheme their attendance.

Radiant house concert dames 4evah yo! There's such a unique sweetness to the camaraderie that these musical fêtes ignite.

Amazing people who essentially knocked my concert-playing (and glass-clinking!) socks off.

Because yes 8-10 people clinking and lingering on into the night is precisely exactly supposed to turn into a super-hits from the 80's afterparty dance-a-thon in the dark. Once again that's Carnegie Hall being all big-timey-hall kinds of fabulous aaaaaaand eating its heart out, kids.

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