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Like a Natural Songbird

Came across this photo today while putting some promo pieces together, I'm inspired to throw back to this gem of a moment from my precious year spent in Iowa in 2013 as I move forward with muck-booted grit in bringing new songs to life to be shared during my upcoming national tour. As I put the booking & promoting deeds on pause today and joyously lost all sense of time, and likely a few marbles, agonizing over words, melodies, chords, and grooves, my drinking glass runneth over with gratitude for the countless patron saints and angels who have supported—and continue to pour meaning into—my story with song and evolution as an artist. I'm humbled by this cosmic odyssey called life, and no matter how hard I might work on any given day to face the divine bitchsmacks like a champ and get shit authentically done when the world or my lame-ass ego so often seem to be conspiring against such endeavors, I take nothing for granted and am elated to keep on trucking and putting my all into composing and singing songs as a means to help champion truth and humanity through art.

Speaking of...I trust 99% of you have been soul-dazzled by Queen Franklin's recent performance of Natural Woman at the Kennedy Center, in honor of heroine songsmith Carole King? If not, well, please go do that for the next hour straight as it is now officially your Youtuber birthright but for what it's worth I guess what I'm inspired to say here is simply, thank you, humans who have helped fuel my croons. Now let's break out the musicalbooze and have a ball!

Exciting tour news coming soon. For And a pesky transition from the verse to the bridge. You know, like life. Salute!

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