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Candlelight Croons Ignite FRI 2/5 in Charleston, SC

​​Noble friends and patrons,

It enlivens my heart (and my pipes!) to note that in just three days, I'll be returning to life on the open road with a very meaningful tour kick-off concert held in a magnificent—and decidedly unconventional—venue, Satsang Yoga Charleston. I am honored and excited to be taking to the mic and keys inside this remarkable space, as the warmth, stillness, and here-&-now gusto that laces its walls, floorboards, and airwaves will certainly allow listeners to more vitally connect to the music, the moment, and each other. ​

In this day and age when a devastating degree of senseless violence is echoing heartbreak into all our daily lives—a reality that Charleston, SC is gravely familiar with—I find myself more deeply devoted than ever to championing truth, presence, and humanity through art. As I return to the troubadour trail in 2016 with the abiding aspiration of making writing, performing, and publishing music the central vocation of my life, I'm hopeful that my coast-to-coast croons will in turn add value to the lives of those who elect to patronize them; that in the midst of all the ego-driven madness that's got us gazing and scrolling our way to quick jolts of "why bother," they might serve as acts of domestic connection that can uplift and inspire people far beyond the scope of the intimate evenings we will share. I can think of no more fitting, or touching, "listening room" in which to kindle my lyrically charged jazzpop minstrels than Satsang Yoga Charleston, and I'm eager to blaze new trails of fellowship with all who come out and kindly lend their precious fuel to my artist voice and vision.

On that note... Please check out the e-flier included here for the full concert details! If you live near Chucktown (or more specially, Mt. Pleasant, as noted on the flier) or have comrades in the area, please feel free to consider & share the invite. All guests will receive exclusive links to free music and I'm overjoyed to note I'll be passing a portion of the collected donations on to a local charity TBA. We're in this dreamsong together, kids.

Thank you so much to all of you out there who continue to lend your support to my artistic path and plight. I'll hope to see you somewhere soon along the troubadour trail as the lights dim and the music ignites.

More tour news and invitations coming soon!

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