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"Notes on the Road" Interview as Invitation

Dearest patron saints and angels to my chirps,

This is a purposeful post, so thank you so much for your time if you read thru to the request!

Five years ago, when I last toured around the country with my music, I had the honor of being interviewed for the stellar online publication Notes on the Road. As I continue to coordinate the first, Southeastern leg of what will be my national touring initiative across all of 2016, I've been linking potential concert hosts to the feature, ​as it covers a lot of thoughtful, candid ground regarding not only my experience with (and devotion to) house concerts, but my music, writing, sensibilities, and aims as an artist in general.

I've been struck by the number of positive reactions I've been getting to the piece, and by how much people seem to really dig the depth of insight it offers—no small thing in this day of the digital one-two punch! All that said, I'm inspired to share the link with you here in hopes that you'll check it out, and...


...if in so doing, you feel that hosting a house concert might be a vital experience for you and your community, drop me a private message via the contact page, and let's explore!

In the midst of shifting my life's vocation back to performing, and with my mind's eye now fiercely set on publishing as well, I am reminded each day that there's no greater benchmark of "success" than finding new opportunities to expand one's audience as a means to expand the reach of one's art. Thank you so much to all who continue to believe in my "voice." Your support is the heart of ALL the musical matters I partake in, and I cherish this path not as an independent artist, but an interdependent one.


(click on the photo to open and read the article in a new window)

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