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New-Tune Musings, Inc.

Greetings and good cheer from the tunesmithery, kids!

While today has me back in the tour-coordinator trenches, I'm having a bona fide blast brushing off my pipes, paws, and pen in preparation for my return to the troubadour trail this February. Lots of new music is in the works, and I'm hoping to share it with many of you in real time and candlelit space before too long. Touring news and invites coming soon. For now...

{tips hard hat to Bacharach}

Here's a little snippet of the latest ditty-in-the-works. Thanks as always for lending your human hearts and ears out here in cyberbille!

HASHTAG poetical melody-driven odd-metered jazz-pop piano-driven waltzes 4-EVAH

"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on." ~ Albert Einstien

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