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An Affair to Remember, A Tour to Launch

I'd like to use this post to channel my deepest thanks to everyone who came out to Caffe Vivaldi in New York City this past Sunday eve and lent their ears, hearts, minds, and spirits to the music, and made for a wondrous affair. There was a tender, connective energy to the night and it was thrilling to feel an energized response to my new-song whirls. Frankly, to engage with an audience composed of not only sacred NYC supporters, but several peeps who drove in from as far as Baltimore and the Hudson Valley to be part of the night only to leave me *gladly* putting off that first sip of red to honor a request for an encore, is about as good as the artist way gets.

As I transition back to the mic and keys with all I've got at this stanza of the dreampoem, I'm grateful for what was an audience and night to cherish. I feel a great shift happening and am excited to perform, write, and publish my way into new realms of opportunity and identity as an artist. I hope to share in the journey with many of you soon as I will be expanding my repertoire and reach in 2016 with a year of coast-to-coast crooning. Sunday eve was a vital reminder that endeavoring to make music—or really, any art form, both a vocation and a means to enrich people's lives is never the work of an independent artist. Any way you slice it, this is an interdependent voyage and as much as I loves me some dreamy sky, I'll take my pie on the ground with a glass of red bought by a friend, thank you!

Beaming a toast of holiday cheer to all of you and a bounty of thanks for continuing to give a hoot about my musical hill of beans. Merry whatever keeps you guessing and connecting and may you unwrap your days with unbridled vitality out there, kids!

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