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2016 Tour Itinerary Taking Shape

Dearest friends and lovers of song,

I'm elated to offer this debut peek at my upcoming national tour schedule for 2016.

A lot of personal and creative evolution has taken place across the past five years, and as I am ever compelled to transform all that I observe, experience, learn, examine, revel in, and lovingly flip off into works of art that might resonate with my fellow man, I'm eager to share new music that has been slowly taking shape behind the cyber-scenes. As well, I believe my enduring odyssey as an avid blind-leaper has greatly enhanced the artistry and truth I'm able to infuse into the full scope of my repertoire. It pleases me to note that my sailormouth remains perfectly intact.

Being that house concerts have become a beloved, connective, and defining thread to my work and journey as an independent artist, they will once again make up the majority of my tour itinerary. While performing on an actual piano is ever preferred, I will have my digital ivories in tow, so almost any space can be converted into a meaningful concert venue. The full details as to where and when I'll be offering up my croons will be available soon, but if you'd like to explore hosting a concert, I'd welcome and be grateful for the chance to connect with you at any time. Feel free to drop an inquiring line via the contact page of this site.

Let's recap: You. Me. Croons. Candles. Stay tuned!

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