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Poetry - The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Faithful friends & followers of my pen, seasons greetings & happy gluttonous servings of whatever floats your soul's gravy boat to the Isle of Wow! I'm both smiley and weepy in sharing this link to a fabulous blog post that features my recently published poem, "A Case for the Rocking Chair." Aka... Wow. Just when I thought I might spontaneously combust from gratitude overload, sitting here kicking off the hard work of my tour coordination and reflecting on all the noble people, places, and things that lace my earthly days into a singular tapestry of grace...Fuller by Design author Susan Fuller goes and centers a radiant blog post around my poem.

Mind you, this isn't about me, and I toast Susan with fierce gusto for electing to lift her vital pen as a means to honor the reverberating charities of truth and beauty that ever hover inside the spaces where lines are fated to purposefully break—be it on an actual page, inside a poem, or within our daily lives, as per the sacred scrutiny of our hearts and minds. As any broke-ass poet worth their weight in snowflakes is only ever striving to serve up some quality verse that will be at once authentic, artful, and in some way useful to a reader...what can I say but: {{<<--poof!-->>}}

Kids, live it up out there and please, link through to join us in the Black Friday Flip-Off---come get down in poetrytown!

Learn more about Susan's work and mission to champion human connectivity through the shared experience of handcrafted art at Fuller by Design.

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