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An Irresistible Refrain

Dreamers. Hello out there. It is with fierce gratitude, humility, and gusto that I share this latest newsflash from my little corner of the cyber-sky. After taking an unexpected but divinely designed four-year interlude from my work and journey as a singer and songwriter, I have in recent months wholly reconnected with the calling of my songbird soul.

On the wings of this reunion, I am elated to report that, beginning in December, I will be bellying back up to the mic, keys, and open road with an inspiration vengeance. In the midst of all the devastating wicked-world bullshit that the lot of us are being called to face and people continue to bargain their tolerant hearts with the ego-minded darkside...I remain fiercely committed to playing my part in championing truth and humanity through art. As I do not take for granted the privilege I've been given in this lifetime of being who I truly am, it is my great joy and honor to once again try and serve others through the inimitable light of song.

For those of you who live in or near NYC, I'll be kicking off my chirping revival at what was, and remains, my beloved home-perch in Skyscraper National Park, the landmark listening room Caffe Vivaldi, on Sunday, December 20th, at 7pm. If you're free, please save the date and make a plan to join me in this celebratory night of song. The fire will be lit. In the venue, and beneath my song...

For those of you who live elsewhere, do stay tuned!

To all of you, mighty thanks for supporting my journey and work. With each passing year, it becomes more clear that while I may be an independent artist when I step up to the mic, or pen a tune, it is an interdependent endeavor to keep one's aristry alive across a lifetime and cultivate the number of souls it can serve. For having granted me this opportunity, I raise my mug to you all eternally with a promise to keep making it worth the while of your tolerant hearts.

Yours, truly I am,


Wood can't turn the flame

A song cannot resist the refrain

The closer you get to the birdsong

The further you get from the pain

~ from "Birdsong" (words & music by Danielle Gasparro & Geoff Martyn)

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