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"There are few artists who make the same vocal impact as Gasparro. There's a cliché about some artists being able to sing a telephone directory and make it sound interesting, she falls into that select band. That those vocals get to be used around well thought out and constructed songs is a real bonus." 

- Fatea Magazine (UK concert review)


"Danielle Gasparro’s voice is her main instrument, and is beautifully accompanied by the piano she uses to compose. Her rich,

velvet voice lingers and soars so effortlessly

that the listener is lulled into a musical reverie." 

- Star City Blog

"A very impressive set of introspective songs. I could hear the qualities of Joni Mitchell and Carole King in the delivery, to name but a few."

- Acoustic Sussex (UK)

"Inspiring, insightful songs wrapped in unique and compelling vocals. Gasparro's music is designed to soothe the soul...A world-class artist."

- New Awakenings, NOLA

"A voice that paints Picassos."

~ INK 19 Magazine


"Tremendous. She mesmerized us with her tunes.

A savvy, thoughtful singer."

- Radio Crystal Blue



- The Village Voice

"A rare talent. If you're not at Danielle's gigs, you're missing something very, very special."

- IndieSounds NY


“Danielle has a gift for writing original songs that defy classification. A great addition to your playlist.”

- MP3 Weekly


"A stunning evening. I loved every minute of it!" 

- Fan email excerpt (Seattle, WA)

"I had a chance to hear Danielle live on her album release tour last summer, and she captivated us with her rich voice and beautiful melodies both new and nostalgic in their telling of passionate stories and poetry. So much to enjoy, not just the stand-out title track...immerse yourselves in Wednesday Afternoon, Irish Pride,

Tears are Only Water—the whole album is so sweet!" 

- iTunes customer review

"I was truly inspired by your music last night. Having purchased your Birdsong CD, I've listened to it twice already."

- Gracious fan, South Dakota

"I hate to tell you this Danielle, but your pain is our gain." 

- Fan email excerpt (NYC)



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